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Let's work together to design an optimal, personalized treatment program that gets results.  

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Discovery Consultation


  • Discuss your current health concerns and ask questions about recommended treatments by other clinicians

  • High level review of your health concerns and treatment options from an expert in traditional and functional medicine

  • Explore what your treatment would be like with wellstead health before you commit to becoming a patient

  • 30-Minute telemedicine visit with Dr. Jeff Kreher

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Comprehensive Consultation


  • You will complete all intake paperwork including detailed medical history and any previous medical records or test results

  • Dr. Kreher pre-reviews all intake documents and schedules 90-Minute Comprehensive health history intake review with you

  • Lab tests may be ordered if additional health data is needed  .

  • You will leave the consultation with an initial customized treatment plan​​

  • You have direct access to Dr. Kreher through the secure patient portal

  • Supplements may be recommended and you will have access to pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discount.

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Follow-Up Consultations

Price based on time

  • Follow up consultations may be recommended for the following situations:

- Review results from lab tests

- Adjust treatment plans 

- Doctor/patient mutual decision for ongoing care and oversight 

  • Follow-up consultations are based on a hourly rate of $350/hr 


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Additional Fees

Additional testing may be recommended and ordered by Dr. Kreher.  Lab testing is billed separately by the individual lab companies and not covered in our fees.  Some lab tests may be covered by insurance

Information About Health Insurance

We currently do not accept health insurance and are not contracted with health insurance companies for services provided through wellstead health.  Payment for services is requested at the time of your visit.  We will happily generate an invoice with all necessary medical visit and diagnosis codes so you can submit separately to your insurance company or your flexible spending account.  Please check with your insurance to see if they cover visit fees for providers who are not contracted with health insurers.

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