Why should Lifestyle Medicine be Important to You:

Understanding the Five Pillars of health and wellbeing

Health and happiness are two intertwined concepts. The healthier a person is, the more opportunities they have in life. This much is unmistakable. Keep in mind when we refer to health, we refer to the physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing of a person. Health has less to do with physical limitations and more to do with maintaining a certain level of functionality and mental clarity. But in a world of prescription medicine, artificial foods, and stress, how does one monitor their health levels? And, what are the natural ways to maintain health levels?

This is where lifestyle medicine comes into play.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

For generations, western medicine has focused primarily on treating symptoms as opposed to the root cause of many illnesses. However, recent studies have shown that lifestyle medicine improves the overall quality of life, lessens the chance of illnesses, and has exceedingly fewer negative side effects. The aim of lifestyle medicine is to focus on preventing illnesses by committing to healthy habits.

Who benefits from lifestyle medicine?

Everyone can benefit from lifestyle medicine. Studies show that people who follow lifestyle medicine's pillars have a higher chance of leading a happy, healthy, and productive life. This is because a lifestyle-based approach to health reduces the number of harmful bodily chemicals and replaces them with healthier alternatives. Plus, lifestyle medicine is easy to get into and requires little to no prior experience. All it takes is a little hard work and time.

What are the 5 Pillars of Health and wellbeing

The basis of both lifestyle and holistic medicine is functional medicine. Functional Medicine acts as a comprehensive approach to health and wellness with lifestyle medicine Lifestyle medicine can be broken into five distinct pillars. Each pillar is connected in a roundabout way. This means committing to a single lifestyle principle makes it easier to commit to the other four. The five pillars are as follows:

Sleep: Imagine what you could do with more energy and better mental capacity. How would you spend the time? Would there be more room to do the things that truly make you happy? Poor sleep is connected to a variety of health issues. But, getting a good night's sleep isn't always as easy as it seems.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition and diet can help a person maintain their weight in a number of ways. Plus, much like sleep, nutrition is connected to improved mental prowess and more.

Movement/Exercise: Exercise has countless benefits. Not the least of which is improved confidence. Confidence can reflect in personal and professional relationships. It can be the missing ingredient needed to take a career to the next level for many of us. Take note, you don't need to be a fitness guru to make the most of regular exercise. It can help to speak with a doctor to learn your healthy body weight and then to work towards it slowly.

Stress: Stress is a part of life. Learning healthy ways to cope with stress can make life that much easier. For example, living in a major city can mean dealing with heavy traffic daily. Conclusion: a person has two choices: they can stress over the traffic or cope with it. The body, mind, and spirit will respond to their choice accordingly.

Social: Even the most introverted of us require social interaction from time to time. Positive relationships can actually help you live longer and lowers the chance of depression, anxiety, and of course, stress.

Both traditional medicine and functional medicine have elements related to lifestyle medicine. However, functional medicine makes the most use of lifestyle medicine techniques. Even a little attention to lifestyle medicine can make a difference but with functional medicine it’s a focus not a byproduct.

How to include Lifestyle Medicine into your day-to-day life

The best way to find the right lifestyle is by working with a licensed professional. Overdoing any of the 5 pillars can lower motivation to continue or even result in injury. We at Wellstead Health work with our clients to tailor the perfect diet, workout plan, and more to ensure you make the most of your body.

The benefits of lifestyle medicine, like any natural therapy, take time to kick in. Commit to the plan laid out by your medical professional, and you'll start seeing changes within a few short months. Plus, unlike prescription medication and generic supplements, there's little risk of negative side effects when followed correctly. It's also worth mentioning that natural remedies are far more sustainable. Simply put, it's easier to live healthy when you're already doing so.

This is your chance to take control of your life and improve your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The first and most important step you can take is by clicking our services tab and letting us develop a plan for you. There's no one size fits all approach, and it may not be easy at first, but you'll thank yourself in the long run.

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