The Power of Your Story

At wellstead health, we offer individualized healthcare driven by your story and your agenda. We bring back the lost art of the family doctor who knew how to listen and was genuinely interested in the details of your history and current experiences. While the old-fashioned family doctor was just doing what was customary for the times, at wellstead health, we are listening deeply and are genuinely interested in you because we know that in order to be your health ally, advocate, and detective, we must understand your story. Partnering with you in these three ways are what make it possible to create individualized health care solutions that lead to your optimal health.

As your health ally, we see you as the ultimate expert on you. We partner with you to help you uncover your unique intuitive knowing. We listen to your history and your dreams for your future health. We understand that knowing where you have been, is integral to helping you get where you want to go. This is the power of your story.

As your health advocate, we believe in your self-knowledge and in your ability to be an active participant in your health. Many people feel unheard or unseen in their experiences with conventional medicine. We promise to listen and to pay close attention to what you think is significant because we believe every aspect of your story is important. This is the power of your whole story.

As your health detective, we ask how and why illness occurs and we work to restore health and prevent illness by addressing the root causes of disease. We understand your body as a complex and interconnected system. We know that genetic and lifestyle variations unique to you, will influence this system. Your sleep, your nutrition, your relationships, your stress, your activity level are all parts of your lifestyle story. How exciting that these personal environmental elements are all modifiable. Individualized healthcare means you learn about the changes you can make to influence your unique gene expression in favor of your optimal health. This is the power of being the creator of your story.

Whether you are trying to restore your health, or are working to prevent illness or are interested in ways to optimize your health, we want to know your story. While we have the feel of the old-fashioned family doctor, we are also on the cutting edge of medical testing, technology, and what it means to provide individualized, patient-centered, and evidence-based care. In our dynamic community, practitioners, caregivers and patients reinvent healthcare as usual, joining forces as health allies to ignite deep, life-changing wellness. This is the power of creating a story together.

If life-changing wellness interests you, we invite you to meet Dr. Jeffrey Kreher. For a brief period of time, we are offering a free 15 minute meet and greet. Here is a link to put you in touch with our scheduler. The power of your story could begin today!

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