Welcome & Meet Dr. Jeff Kreher

Welcome to wellstead health!

In my first blog post with this new endeavor, I want to share with you a little bit about me and why it's important we start to shift how we think about healthcare.......​

At a young age, when our family learned that my sister, Jennifer, was diagnosed with cancer of the brainstem, I became acutely aware that one’s health journey is complex and often convoluted. A health journey includes patient, family and health team; we navigate diagnoses, challenges, disappointments, successes and failures together. Founded on this experience and a 15+ year career in medicine, my maturation and lifelong learning has called me to serve my patients in a different manner: individualized care driven by the patient’s agenda. Functional Medicine is a paradigm shifting approach to health that was not yet fully articulated when I was starting my career. Learning about this approach to health over the past four years has impressed me deeply; it has helped to address questions, concerns and holes that I have found over the years in the practice of medicine. Indeed, Functional Medicine is laser-focused on what I believe the focus of medicine should be—care that is individualized, patient-centered, evidence-based and focused on the diverse inputs affecting one’s health, including environment, food, physical activity, sleep, stress management, mind-body interactions, as well as the all encompassing settings of our social networks.

wellstead health has been years in the making and is my passion. I have worked in many variations of today’s healthcare environment and ended up frustrated in each of them—frustrated that the priority—“the patient”—is often what medicine is working ON rather than working FOR. The core belief of the inherent ability of the body to heal has always been present in my approach to medical practice, but now, with the launch of wellstead health, I can fully commit to developing a dedicated community that will support each other working toward their fullest expression of health and vitality.

wellstead health is a bold new vision of what health care can be—a dynamic community where practitioners, caregivers and patients reinvent healthcare as usual, joining forces as health allies to ignite deep, life-changing wellness.

Join me in this journey and we will find optimal health for you!


Dr. Jeff Kreher

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