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Improve your energy levels, overcome pain and re-focus your performance 

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Let us help you get moving...

Does pain or other health limitations hold you back from your regular physical activity?  Movement is a vital piece of a healthy lifestyle and whether you are an elite athlete or an everyday mover trying to keep up with your grandkids, let us help you break through your barriers to redefine what's possible

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Breaking through barriers to redefine what's possible

We're here to guide you on your path to overcoming your performance plateau.  What you'll gain by working with us:

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Elevated athletic performance

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Improved energy levels

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Reduced pain

and stress

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Changes in body composition

We Love Our Clients

"My health issues range from musculo-skeletal (post triathlon) to digestive, hormonal and skin conditions.  Dr. Kreher's expertise in multiple disciplines allowed him to approach my situation from a wholistic, unique perspective.  He listened intently, meticulously documented my health history and created a thoughtful course of action.  I feel like Dr. Kreher is as invested in my health as I am and I'm seeing progress in my wellness journey."