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At wellstead health, we believe that listening is core to understanding each patient's health history, concerns and goals, so that we can get to the bottom of their issues and design an optimal, personalized treatment program.

Our functional medicine approach fuses science and wisdom, mind and body, and lifestyle and nutrition, empowering patients who want to break free from the mainstream healthcare system to finally take control of their health and lifestyle and transform the way they feel.

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Cardiometabolic Health

Immune Health

Musculoskeletal Health

Maximizing health through metabolic approach to insulin, sugar, blood pressure, lipids, inflammation, endothelium, toxins, and coagulation

Promoting health and immune balance (for patients challenged with allergies, autoimmunity or SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19)

Prioritizing movement and body composition goals through a comprehensive approach to pain and inflammation, facilitating activities of daily living to hobbies to friendly competition to competing at an elite level

The Functional Medicine Approach




 We meld functional and traditional medicine to guide patients towards optimal health.

We design an optimal, personalized treatment program, based on your health history, concerns, goals, and lifestyle.

 A place where patients, providers, and caregivers come together to 
learn from each other and elevate their health and vitality.


We are pushing healthcare forward to be ever more frictionless, fulfilling and effective.


"My health issues range from musculo-skeletal (post triathlon) to digestive, hormonal and skin conditions.  Dr. Kreher's expertise in multiple disciplines allowed him to approach my situation from a wholistic, unique perspective.  He listened intently, meticulously documented my health history and created a thoughtful course of action.  I feel like Dr. Kreher is as invested in my health as I am and I'm seeing progress in my wellness journey."