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...with our unique approach to life-changing wellness through group visits.   

Our functional medicine program fuses science and wisdom, mind and body, lifestyle and nutrition - to empower you to transform the way you feel. 

Expert Facilitation

Jeffrey Kreher, MD and Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, will provide expert facilitation for our next scheduled 4-week group visit program, starting Monday, October 25 and each Monday through November 15, 2021. He will focus on a new topic each week:

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Movement


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We Love Our Clients

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"My health issues range from musculo-skeletal (post triathlon) to digestive, hormonal and skin conditions.  Dr. Kreher's expertise in multiple disciplines allowed him to approach my situation from a wholistic, unique perspective.  He listened intently, meticulously documented my health history and created a thoughtful course of action.  I feel like Dr. Kreher is as invested in my health as I am and I'm seeing progress in my wellness journey."