About Us

Wellstead Health is a medical practice that melds expertise in functional and traditional medicine to guide patients toward optimal health and our practitioners are experts at what they do.

Meet the Founders

Dr. Jeffrey Kreher, wellstead health’s chief medical officer, received his MD from the University of Missouri-Columbia Medical School and did his residency in adult and pediatric medicine at Indiana University, where he served as Chief Resident.


Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Jeff Kreher, MD

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Bonny Rollender

Bonny Rollender, wellstead’s co-founder, has a 25-year career in health care that has been fueled by a passion for improving the physician-patient experience. She completed graduate studies in healthcare management at Duke University and serves on the Duke-Fuqua School of Business health care advisory board.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Listening is at the core of the wellstead health approach.

Unlike providers in the mainstream healthcare system, we can take the time to really understand each patient's health history, concerns, goals, and lifestyle details, so we can get to the bottom of your issues, design an optimal, personalized treatment program, and work tenaciously together to get results.