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"Wellstead health has been a great partner in helping me plan for a healthy future"

Find your well

We take the time to really understand each patient's health history,
concerns, goals, and lifestyle details, so we can get to the bottom of
your issues, design an optimal, personalized treatment program,
and work tenaciously together to get results.
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Digestion &

Whether its SIBO, IBS, or other digestive issues that are causing you discomfort, we will focus on GI disease triggers, the mind-gut connection

and the microbiome

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Immune Health

Do you suffer from an immune response triggered by an autoimmune condition, COVID/post viral syndrome or allergies?  We can help address inflammation both at the cellular and systemic level.

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Cognitive  Health

We can help you understand and address triggers of  neuro-degeneration or brain fog and challenges to brain plasticity, such as cognitive/memory impairment, dementia and mood disorders

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Aging & Performance

Are you challenged by issues relating to metabolism/body composition and ways the body works against your best efforts.  May include fatigue, exercise intolerance, bone health, pain or cardiovascular issues

Our care offerings

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Primary Care+

We have created a primary care plus (+) program that offers a functional medicine approach to patients who choose us as their primary care provider.   Wellstead health is accepting a limited number of patients into our primary care + program, which accepts select insurance plans plus a minimal monthly fee. This program is offered via telehealth and in-person at our office in Portland, ME. 

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Service Available In Maine Only

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Consultative Care

Wellstead health continues to offer consultative services, through a focused or extended treatment program.  These services are best for patients with chronic conditions who have taken conventional healthcare paths to find answers and relief, but who's conditions have gone undiagnosed or not optimally managed. Currently, we only accept direct payment for consultative care and these offerings are only provided via telehealth

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Service Available In Maine & Massachusetts

Meet Our Practitioners

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Jeff Kreher, MD

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Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer


Ashley Mace

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CFNP, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Meet Dr. Jeff Kreher, he is a board certified, internal medicine/pediatric physician, and also certified in functional medicine and sports medicine.  He helped co-found wellstead health because he believes that the human body has an inherent ability to heal itself.  Dr. Kreher partners with his patients to identify the root cause of their health issues and facilitate optimal function and performance. 

Meet Ashley Mace, CFNP, is a board certified nurse practitioner who specializes in primary care with a focus in functional medicine. She has joined wellstead health's Maine office and will be seeing patients both in person and via telehealth for the Maine patient population. Ashley spends time getting to know each and every one of her patients and provides quality care for the whole person.