Are your chronic health concerns 

keeping you from living your best life?

We are dedicated to helping people rise to their optimal state of health and vitality.


It's not a transactional arrangement where we provide a service and our patients pay us and that's it. Rather, it's a high-touch experience. A place where patients, providers, caregivers and come together physically, virtually and/or spiritually, to forge bonds,
learn, root for each other and elevate their health and vitality.

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Functional medicine is a rapidly growing healthcare field that takes an individualized collaborative, science-based approach that focuses on uncovering the root causes of disease. At wellstead, we meld functional and traditional medicine to guide patients towards optimal health.

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Unlike providers in the mainstream healthcare system, we can take the time to really understand each patient’s health history, concerns, goals, and lifestyle details, so we can get to the bottom of their issues, design an optimal, personalized treatment program, and work tenaciously together to get results.


We enthusiastically embrace change and evolution. Our practitioners—and we, hope, our patients—are in a constant state of exploration. By advancing our medical understanding, learning from our members, and generating new ideas, we can keep pushing healthcare forward to be ever more frictionless, fulfilling and effective.

Are you putting in the work and not seeing any results? 

If you're putting the work in and your body isn't responding, we can help you find the root of the issue. 

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Our intake and consultation is about listening to your story and connecting the dots, so we can find the root cause of your health concerns. 

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We believe looking at your health concern in a different way, through a functional medicine approach, will help you to find your well